Hess Family Estates Wineries: Founders
Our Winery Founders
Business Principles

Today we are proud to unite two remarkable and pioneering families in our wineries, bringing together years of vintner experience in New World wines.

In 1978, Donald Hess founded the Hess Collection Winery on Mount Veeder, 2,000 feet above the Napa Valley. A believer in sustainable and biodynamic farming practices, his passion for growing great wine at high altitude culminated in Bodega Colomé, the highest vineyard in the world at 10,200 feet/3,111 meters above sea level in the northern part of the Calchaqui Valley in Argentina.

The founding of Peter Lehmann Wines in the Barossa Valley in 1980 was no less heroic. At a time when grape growers were facing certain bankruptcy—because the promise that their harvested grapes would be bought had been broken—Peter Lehmann stepped in to help his friends. He bought up the grapes and daringly started his own winery, which would later earn him the title of King of the Barossa Valley among those who felt indebted to his boldness.

Since 2003 the Peter Lehmann Winery has become an integral part of Hess Family Wine Estates, beautifully complementing the vision, philosophy and New World portfolio of the Hess Family.